Nostalgia Radio

GUNSMOKE "Renegade White"


This episode, number 15, aired on CBS Radio August 3, 1952. Ord Spicer sells rifles to the Cheyenne. He kills two cowboys with one of his new  rifles.  Wild Hogg, chief of the Cheyenne Indians, was paying Hoard Spicer for supplying them with these weapons. Marshall Matt Dillon had more respect for the Cheyenne than for Spicer who was a killer and a white renegade.



This episode, 05, aired on CBS Radio February 19, 1956. The men at Fort Laramie are to work on building a trail. Private's Soothy and Pulver have been in the garrison three months and on edge, Soothy tries to start a fight with Pulver. Soothy is looking for action and is not content with heavy labor. He is bored with garrison duty and has a plan for getting a little action out of the Indians. The Cheyenne oblige.

Dragnet "Police Academy-Mario Koski"


Aired August 25, 1949 on NBC Radio, episode 012 - A gang of criminals are committing three and four burglaries a night, eighteen liquor stores and restaurants. Detective Sergeant Joe Friday has been assigned to Robbery Detail. An armed band working fast with four or five robberies every night. The criminals are not amateurs they are well armed and dangerous. It's Friday's job to get them.

BOGART "House on 92nd Street"


The House on 92nd Street was presented on Stars in the Air May 3, 1952. The 30-minute adaptation of the 1945 motion picture. This radio version starred Humphrey Bogart and Keefe Brasselle. In 1939, American standout university student, Bill Dietrich, is approached by Nazi recruiters because of his German heritage. He feigns interest, then notifies the FBI. Agent George Briggs encourages Dietrich to play along. Thus, Dietrich travels to Hamburg, Germany, where he undergoes six months of intensive training in espionage. The Germans then send him back to the United States to set up a radio station on Long Island to relay secret information on shipping arrivals, departures, destinations, and cargo. Dietrich is also to act as paymaster to the spies already there and who meet regularly at a house on East 92nd Street in New York City. He is told that only a certain "Mr. Christopher" has the authority to alter the details of his assignment.



Original Air Date: August 05, 1950 Joel McCrea (Ranger Jayce Pearson) Supporting players Tony Barrett, D.J. Thompson, Byron Kane, Lou Krugman, and Russell Simpson. Writer: Russell Hughes. Producer: Stacy Keach, Sr.